The Professional Entertainment and Sports Association at Terry (PESA) was founded at the University of Georgia in 2010. PESA is the first and only organization at the Terry College of Business that provides a network for highly-motivated and passionate students who are committed to the pursuit of careers in the television, film, music, fashion and sporting industries.

Former President Kamilah Gray founded PESA after recognizing a void for career advancing opportunities for students aspiring to work in the entertainment industry. With this need uncovered, PESA was born.

The organization focuses on linking students and industry professionals together to help students create a meaningful network in the industry of their preference. Since its inception, PESA has created countless professional opportunities for students through speaker panels, field trips and most notably, its annual networking event, the PESA Summit.

At PESA, we believe that happiness is achieved through the pursuit of passion, that doing what you love matters more than doing what pays the most. We are fanatics about television, film, fashion, music, and sports and will fight to find a job that pays us to do what we love.

Happiness is the goal. Greatness is our vision. And PESA is the way.